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CombiPro, High-end Equipment for the Die and Packaging industry

The CombiPro Multifunction systems offer versatile and high-end solutions for Box makers, POP and Die makers. Cutting edge technology!

RUBBERPLOT, a dedicated Rubber Cutting solution. With a working area of 1050 x 500 mm and a single high power oscillating tool makes it the perfect match for every die shop wanting to automate their rubber department.

MASTERPLOT, The MASTERPLOT is a plotting and milling machine combination, a multi-functional solution for die makers and converters.

EXPERTPLOT, a high-end plotting solution for the Die and Packaging industry.

MASTERMILL, a dedicated milling solution for the Die and Packaging industry

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Solutions from industry contacts

As an independent software developer we support most of the machinery in our Industry. Some of them are custom-build to fit the necessary specifications of the machinery used by our customers. BCSI supports all solutions and we are happy to present some of the solutions we have available.

For more information do not hesitate to contact BCSI Systems BV or one of our agents.

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