Blade Cutting Technology

Cutting die ejection rubber with a blade offers multiple advantages compared to the alternatives such as water-jet cutting. The initial investment, running (operational) costs and service costs are definitely a reason to consider this as a tangible alternative and even replacement for current technology used.

One of the most appreciated advantages compared to a waterjet; there is no need to dry the rubber, it is therefore instantly available to be used on the dieboard. Another benefit of the rubber not getting wet and not needing to be dried is the fact that it will therefore not affect its structural composition, resulting in optimal rubber-quality even after cutting.

There are virtually no limitations to cutting die ejection rubber with blades. The most important fact to know in cutting with blades is overcut. Overcut (X) is caused by the blades angle and depends on the material thickness (T) being processed. The thicker the rubber the more overcut will be visible on the finished cut.

The rectangular shape in the image below is not influenced and will have no overcut visible due to the cutting direction. the second geometry is only influenced in certain places (X).

We have optimized blade geometries that will allow for minimal overcut. But there will always be some visible. This will in no way affect the purpose of the rubber on the dieboard.

Optimized for speed and performance

To improve speed and performance we introduced a new blade geometry that is optimized to the technique we use. Due to the oscillating movement we can in this way “catch” more material in every stroke.

Optimized for speed and performance, using the right blade we can "catch" (a) more material in every oscillating move. Therefore speed and distance (b) are improved, getting the most out of the cutting performance. To cut more intricate shapes we recommend using the tipped blade.


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