CombiPro DS Series - dedicated rubber cutter

Available in 2 sizes with a small footprint for the DS500 (980 x 1080 mm) and a still compact design for the DS1000 (1480 x 1580 mm), The DS500 boosts a practical working area of 550 x 550 mm and th DS1000 supports 1050 x 1050 mm, an integrated vacuum bed and a powerful (air pressured) oscillating tool makes the DS the perfect dedicated rubber cutter for every die shop.

A. Ergonomically designed, uninhibited access from all sides

B. Drive system; the CombiPro DS features an exceptional strong, quiet, and maintenance-free cloosed loop ball screw system for all axis (X, Y, C and Z).

C. Material hold-down; secure material hold-down is key to efficient cutting. An integrated vacuum tabletop and pump allows for processing without the issues of material shifting.

D. A powerful (air pressured) oscillating tool with a 7 mm stroke at 166 Hz ensures that rubber can be cut at impressive speeds.

High-speed Z-axis with proven tooling using optimal blade geometry to optimize speed, resulting in improved performance delivering exceptional productivity.

UCC - User Control Center

Easy to use, easy to understand, free of unncessary clutter, focusses on what is important

The PC controller is completely tailored to your needs. Redesigned to fit the DS.

The streamlined User Control Center guarantees an optimal workflow - from original file to finished product. This manifests itself in unsurpassed productivity and superior quality.


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