Welcome to our virtual Studio Setup. Here you will find a overview of which versions of PackDesign are used in Carton Convertor environments.

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Customer Communication through email/FTP/websites. The customer is always in control thanks to the wide range of dataformats PackDesign supports. (EPS/PDF/AI/CF2/DXF/DWG/etc.)
Management PackViewer offers the management to follow design, development and quality.
Sales PackViewer + allows Sales to be ready on the spot. The PackDesign standard libraries support the sales team with parametric design. Helping customers decide which option is best.
Administration Keep track of design and development. Allows full control on the admin side of business.
Studio The hart of the organisation. PackStudio and PackCartonmaker with Pack3D add-on allows the design and development needed in a fast pase environment of a Studio. All the right tools to ensure quality and satisfy the creativity. The PackStudio environment offers the communication needed with the DTP department.
DTP/Pre-Press Connected through the network to access ready to use PDF/EPS drawings. Finish the graphics side of business.
Plotters Connect a samplemaker plotter to your studio department and enhance the creativity and development side of business. Connect the Plotter to add power to Pre-Production (Patch Up Sheets and Varnish Blankets) Save time and cost. click here to see the full list of supported devices.
  Key features 
ERP Connector  Connect PackDesign to a wide range of ERP Solutions available on the market. ERP Connector exports drawing information in the .XLS  and .XML format.
PackViewer View created files, measure and zoom. This tool is ideal for sales departments and production environments.
PackViewer + Add the parametric PackDesign Libraries for FEFCO, ECMA and BCSI Specials to your PackViewer.
PackStudio The Light Design Package for the Packaging Professional, It offers a complete range of Design Tools specially build for the development of packaging. Together with the standard libraries for FEFCO, ECMA and others this tool is the ideal tool for the Studio environment.
PackCartonmaker PackCartonmaker includes all the options of PackStudio and more. Plus it adds the tools you need to prepare for production. This includes creating layouts, calculations and much more.
PackOptimize PackOtpimize adds the power of optimization to your PackStudio license. Allowing total control on 3th party drawings.
Pack3D The Stand-alone version of Pack3D offers non-PackDesign Suite users to add power to their presentations using the PackDesign 3D functionality. Click here to visit the Pack3D website and experience the power of 3D.

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